Gravitacija (under development) is an interdisciplinary art research project, developing a conceptual background and realization plan for an interdisciplinary performance involving a motion ride, music, dance and robotics. The key object of the study is a custom-built robotic motion platform, in this project used for composing and experiencing kinetic journeys engaging the whole body. In the performance, the public will be invited to sit strapped to the device, and ride it, while experiencing multi-sensorial compositions of movements, sounds and dance. Part an amusement ride, part a vehicle simulator, and even part a medical disorientation device, this platform will employ the experiences of roller coaster riders, acrobats, pilots, astronauts and other motion experts. Thanks to such a hybrid combination of sensations, the riders will be transported to the unique innards penetrating aesthetic realm, where spectators are confused with performers.


The creative and scholarly nature of the project is largely interdiciplinary and involves a team consisting of a producer, a dance critic, a music composer, an interactive artist, an amusement ride psychologist, robotic engineers and a neurologist. Thus the motion base will also serve as a collaborative discoursive platform for contemplating and sharing diverse knowledge from a wide field of subjects such as motion aesthetics, spectatorship, technologies and arts, and bodily knowledge.


The realization plan of the performance will be an intellectual foundation for the further project’s production: a series of performances open to the public. The project will be developed as a mobile package for touring performances to dance, music and new media art festivals worldwide.

Concept and art research: Julijonas Urbonas

Project manager: Akvilė Eglinskaitė

Robotics: Vytenis Sinkevičius, Aurimas Česnulevičius (Kaunas University of Technology)

Dance research: Vita Mozūraitė

Music research: Antanas Kučinskas, Sebastian Lexer


Funded by the Lithuanian Science Council and the Arts Council