Cumspin (2015) is an orgasm enhancing funfair machine. Based on the principle of a centrifuge, it exposes the love riders to variable gravitational forces. Not only does such an extreme sex environment introduce to new love positions but also pushes the peaks of pleasure to new dimensions.

Spinning in one of the eight spherical capsules, the lovers may control the centripetal force by changing the distance between the axis and the capsule. The farther from the axis, the greater the force that pushes them against the wall. The riders would have to coordinate their movements with the forces to control the flow of the blood in their bodies. Pumping in and out of the love parts would heighten intercourse or masturbatory sensations. And directing the blood to the lower extremities would cause the sudden loss of oxygen to the brain accompanied with a euphoria. The latter in tandem with orgasm brings into being a sensation that is beyond any definition of pleasure. Hypergravitational orgasm.


Dimensions: height 15 m x diameter 60m
Rotational velocity: 15-20 RPM
Linear velocity of the capsules: 0.3 m/s
G-force: 1.5—14 g

Concept, design, engineering: Julijonas Urbonas

Micromechanical engineering, electronics: Dmitrij Snegin