A Planet of People (2017 - under development) is an artistic and scientific feasibility study of an artificial planet extra-terraformed entirely from human bodies.


Sending human bodies to a particular location in space, namely one of the Lagrangian points – an empty, weightless, super cold and dark vacuum – and allowing the frozen bodies float freely until the weak gravities of the latter make them assemble into a blob. A new planet of human biomass is formed.

Playing with its variables such as the quantity of individuals and the duration of time, the project speculates upon the aesthetic, ethical and scientific aspects of such an extraterrestrial structure. What spatial shapes would it be possible to engineer? How a landscape would look like on such a planet? What biochemical processes it would undergo and would it form its own ecosystem eventually? And what would be the ethical, cultural and political implications?


Concept, extraterrestrial design and architecture: Julijonas Urbonas

Astrophysics: Vidas Dobrovolskas

Space biomechanics, organic stress analysis: TBA

3D simulation: Ignas Pavliukevičius, Jakob Schlotter 

Support: Lithuanian Council of Art, Science Gallery